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Proudly Indigenous-Owned

InterConnect Canada is an Indigenous-owned and operated technology services company dedicated to a new sustainable corporate concept of connected prosperity. 

With over four decades of combined experience in the IT sector,

InterConnect brings an innovative approach to bridging the development gap, addressing employment inequality, and achieving greater income and economic equality for Indigenous peoples within the Tech sector.

Cloud & Data Center 

Grow your company by scaling IT capacity or

Optimize your spend on your server & storage.

Managed IT Services

Focus on what matters most for your business.

VoIP Solutions

Increase productivity and reliability for your

business through Voice Over IP services. 

IT Strategy & Architecture 

Create Value for your business by supporting 

goals with technology that supports you.

Network Solutions

Secure your business with a fast and resilient

network infrastructure. 

IT Process Consulting

Empower your business by aligning technology

strategy with your business goals.

Connected Community

We understand that we are dependent on one another, and responsible for future generations.

Collectively finding new ways to position and support our communities towards economic prosperity and self-determination.  Become global leaders in the digital economy and provide a new social innovation strategy that leads to new and further achievements in recognition of the rights and self-determination Indigenous peoples.   


Society's most challenging problems cannot be solved by government and nonprofits alone.


By balancing profit and purpose, InterConnect is joining a global culture shift to redefine success in business and build a more inclusive economy. 

We are using profits and growth as a means to work toward increasing diversity and inclusion in the tech industry - with a specific focus on strengthing the representation of Indigenous peoples.  




A short-term opening for funding applications that can be implemented immediately to upgrade networks and expand rural connectivity bandwidth and coverage where needed

This intake provides support for eligible network equipment upgrades and is in addition to the scheduled quarterly intakes for last-mile and transport infrastructure funding grants



A project managed by All Nations Trust Company is an initiative to bring affordable high-speed internet to all 203 First Nations in British Columbia.

Focued on Identify and understand their specific needs and then engage with our wide network of partners to ensure those needs are met through building infrastructure, making connections and facilitating ongoing training and support



The Fund is intended to benefit all Canadians that live in areas that are underserved (i.e., that do not have Universal Service Objective level broadband Internet access and mobile wireless service), particularly those in rural and remote areas.


The funding comes directly from contributions made by larger Canadian telecommunications service providers whose total annual Canadian revenues amount to at least over $10 million.


To help every Canadian access high-speed Internet at minimum speeds of 50/10 Mbps, the Government of Canada announced a new, coordinated plan to deliver up to $6B in investments

in rural broadband over the next 10 years.


This new fund will be a key tool to support broadband projects across the country and will be designed to meet the unique needs of rural and remote communities.


about how InterConnect Canada can support you with these opportunities?

Get Connected


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