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This is InterConnect...

Transparency & commitment to the community is baked into our company’s DNA.

Our unwavering commitment to follow ethical business practices for the benefit of the communities where we operate and commitment to reinvesting in people & society to create equality is at

the core of everything we do. 

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada's bentwood box. Designed and carved by Coast Salish artist Luke Marston, the box travelled the country with the commission and received offerings from residential school survivors symbolizing their journeys toward healing. It appears on the cover of Canadian Geographic's November/December 2017 issue. (Photo: Thomas Fricke/Canadian Geographic)


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Where corporate culture means
reciprocity and 
responsibility to the community


Rohan Singh has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry and has been instrumental in building several successful businesses. 

His passion for technology started at the early age of eleven when he taught himself programming. He has led several multi-million dollar digital transformation initiatives for Fortune 500 companies.

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Rohan Singh



Teka Everstz brings two decades of experience in leading management practices and strategic social innovation in both the public and private sectors. He has a highly developed background in program management, data collection, and facilitating intercultural communication to strengthen socio-economic development initiatives.

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Teka Everstz



Desi Khoo has established himself as a leader of high-performing technology teams. 

His background includes success in both project delivery and operational management of IT infrastructure. 


His passion is working with clients and stakeholders to deliver holistic value through technology.

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Desi Khoo


Our three managing partners have proven success in Indigenous community-based socio-economic development and IT organizations serving both the public and private sectors. ​

With experience in Telecommunications, Healthcare, Core Government, and the Natural Resource Sector - 

Our leadership team provides skills and experience in technology while operating with respect and humility to the cultural protocol, knowledge practice, and leadership governance that remain unique to each Indigenous community.

Our Vision

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Our vision is to be a catalyst to self-reliant communities that compete in technology innovation.

Our Mission

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Unlock the potential of technology to empower people to achieve their objectives. We interconnect technology benefits with community needs to improve people’s lives.​

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To strengthen inclusivity through increased diverse participation in the technology industry.​

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